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Stamp collection FAQs

Questions about selling your collection.

  • Q    Are there any costs or commissions to pay when selling through webuystamps?
  • A   No! All our valuations are free of charge regardless of whether you sell to us. There are no deductions or commissions to pay.
  • Q    How do I know my collection will be safe if I send it to you?
  • A    Your collection could not be in safer hands. Only members of the valuation team are allowed to examine the collection and it will be insured comprehensively from the moment it leaves your home. What we suggest to a lot of collectors, is to take digital photographs or indeed video the collection so that you have a permanent record for your own peace of mind.
  • Q    Would I be better going to an auction house?
  • A    An emphatic no! Major auction houses are very expensive to run and so they charge a commission – normally 15% to the seller, plus they also charge a buyers’ premium of between 15-20%. So in total they charge roughly 30 – 35%, money which could be in your pocket ! They will also take an average of 3-4 months to sell the stamps and settle your account. But most importantly, they cannot guarantee a successful sale!
  • Q    What happens if I refuse a valuation?
  • A    No problem – all our valuations are without obligation and so if you decide not to proceed with a sale then the collection is returned to you at OUR expense.
  • Q    How long does the valuation take?
  • A    Once the collection is on our premises we endeavour to contact you with a valuation and an offer within 48 hours.

Questions about stamps

  • Q    Do King Edward VIII stamps have any value?
  • A    No – when Edward came to the throne the Post Office did not know at that stage he was going to abdicate and so duly went ahead and printed tens of millions of stamps bearing his portrait.
  • Q    Are first day covers valuable?
  • A    Sometimes – to be honest First Day covers are generally very common but there are many exceptions. The post mark and the design of the envelope are very important and affect the value enormously.
  • Q    Are stamps portraying Hitler worth anything?
  • A    No – Germany invaded several countries and occupied them for many years. During that time millions of stamps were produced bearing Hitler’s image.
  • Q    Do you only want to buy old stamps?
  • A    Absolutely not. We have a market for anything philatelic and so we can make an offer on literally everything that is submitted to us.
  • Q    Are errors on everyday stamps worth anything?
  • A    Yes – major errors, for example, missing colours and missing perforations are very exciting and collectable.
  • Q   Do you buy anything else other than stamps?
  • A   Yes – We also buy postcards, cigarette cards, coins, medals and sporting memorabilia.